Passion Fruit

Nutrition Facts

BLU Australia uses Glacial Water in all its Energy Drink products. 
Serving Size: 1 Can 8.4fl oz (250ml)
Amount per Serving
Calories 105
Total Carbohydrate 27g  
Vitamin B2 - 90%                      Niacin - 100%
Vitamin B6 - 250%                    Vitamin B12 - 80%
Pantothenic Acid - 50%

Passion Fruit has been a favourite for Australians since the invention of the pavlova. BLU Passion Fruit is an invigorating blend of Passion Fruit and Energy for everyone trying to add more enthusiasm into their lives. 

The secret to the success of BLU and point of difference to its competitors is the use of B-vitamins. BLU Energy drinks do not contain Glucuronolactone and Inositol. The key ingredient to BLU’s quality tasting product range is the tailor made design with drinks crafted purely for the Nightlife and creating the best cocktail mixers. BLU drinks deliver a premium and refreshing twist on the classic energy hit. The flavours delight the taste buds, without the aftertaste or caffeine let down.